Modern Architecture Since 1900

Modern Architecture since 1900 received its third edition in 1996. The first edition was already in stores in 1982. We can say that we are talking about an advanced classic here. James Ackerman of the University of Harvard once said “immeasurably the best work of this existence” about the book by William J.R. Curtis and that’s just it.

The book not only takes you into the history of architecture but also sheds light on the social, technical, economic and intellectual developments of research on buildings. Despite the fact that the book was already so strong, some adjustments were made in the third edition. There have been seven completely new chapters added. These chapters provide more room for appreciation of regional identity and diversity. In addition to the appreciation, recent world architectures were also added.

In one book, the power of modern architecture in 1900 is shown in a particularly beautiful way.



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