Light sculpture – Fragile Future

Fragile future is an iconic series of light sculptures. In the projects of Studio Drift, the main message is the relationship between nature and technology. They show us their vision of the future in which these two opposites can survive together. They propose us their vision in their own unique way, using a mix between high-tech and imagination in which light functions as a symbolic and emotional ingredient.

You can consider this sculpture as ‘slow design’. It contains dandelions seeds picked by hand and glued seed by seed to LED lights. These dandelions are connected to a three-dimensional bronze circuit. The work evolved over the years into a system that is composed of modules and can take different forms. This craftsmanship contrasts sharply with the fully automatic production techniques of today. Making the sculptures by hand is a clear statement against mass production.

Fragile Future is a collaboration between nature and technology and offers a utopian view of the future. In which these opposite worlds use each other’s qualities to survive. Studio drift focuses on the use of a conscious material. Another topic is sustainability, they want to demonstrate the value of natural processes in our current environment and the change in our society in which technology is of great influence.

All images: Studiodrift

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