Gibson Drive: A Suburban Part Of Nature

Gibson Drive by Australian architect, Marcus Browne is part of a range of mid-century and modernist inspired homes which will bring you straight back to the 50’s with its luxurious mid-century modern aesthetic. The residence is a perfect example of the simplicity, functionality, and affordability combined with modern lines and clever use of space that define Australian suburban design.

The house was built as a holiday home for a client based in Perth. Its main purpose was to serve as a place for relaxation but also double as an easy going place to do work. Being built high on a corner block the home has a great view of all the living areas and the master bedroom views over a nature reserve, making this suburban home feel like more of a part of nature.

“A good architect cares about the space you live in and the aesthetic legacy they leave in the built environment. It’s about creating a form that you can live in comfortably but also one that enhances your daily living experience.” – Marcus Browne

Photography by Ange Wall

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