10 innovative design lamps

A lot is happening in lighting design: technological developments open up many possibilities for designers and engineers to develop aesthetically pleasing and innovative products. From technological innovations like LiFi to innovative social design and sustainable concepts: we present 10 design lamps that stand out.

10. Sway Lamp – Nick Rennie for Made by Pen

9. iPhone Lamp – Ivan Zhurba

8. Plug Lamp – Ateljé Lyktan

7. Offline Lamp – Klemens Schillinger

6. Luminous Entity Type I – Jansen & de Bont

5. AX LED – Steng Licht

4. C-224 lamp with LiFi technology – Picciotto & Oledcomm

3. Black Hole Lamp – Curve ID

2. Mirrored Mobile – Hiroto Yoshizoe

1. XY180 – OMA x Delta Light


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