Top 5 Trending Summer Houseplants

Over the past couple of years, plants have massively risen in popularity and become a staple piece in the everyday household. Gardens are a luxury not many people across the globe have access to anymore. More and more people are moving into cities, leaving them with a limited amount of space. There is, however, always room for plants and plenty of innovative ways in which you can create your own minimalistic indoor garden. These five plants are the perfect addition to your indoor garden as we slowly transcend into summer.

1. Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa is currently one of the most popular households plants in all forms. Wall art, table wear, and of course in its physical form. The plant is very popular due to the graphic effects of the leaves. The way they reflect on the wall as they’re hit by sunlight creates a very aesthetically pleasing effect, also making it a very popular plant in the design world.

2. Triangle Ficus

The Triangle Fiscus, also known as the Fiddle Leaf is a great alternative to indoor trees. They give the same effect to an interior but are much more low maintenance. The Ficus Triangularus has these really cool leaves that are smaller and cover more of the whole tree, eventually creating a column. As they grow, they begin to arch over in a beautiful, graceful way. A great statement piece for a modern interior.

3. Marimo Balls

Marimo “moss” Balls are part of a larger Aquatic plant trend that is currently taking over the plant scene. Marimo Balls are actually fuzzy balls of filamentous green algae, that are often found in cold, freshwater lakes They’re a great alternative if you’re not so much into potted plants and add a really futuristic touche to your home. Plus there’s the benefit of never overwatering them. They don’t need a lot of direct sunlight and actually prefer to be kept in a cold dark spot.

4. Aloë Vera

Aloë Vera is a very popular homeopathic plant for both its appeal and healthy functions. It’s definitely a plant to have in the house in case you get a cut or sunburned. The gell that comes out of the leaves have very strong healing abilities and does wonder for your skin. Other than that they add a graphic touch to your interior much like the Monstera Deliciosa.

5. Calathea Lancifolia

Patterned plants are a huge trend for Spring / Summer this year and the Calathea Lancifolia also known as the prayer plant since they raise and lower their leaves from day to night is definitely an Instagram favorite. The contrast between the light and dark green create a beautiful pattern within the leaves. Another popular species is the Rattlesnake Calathea. The leaves have the same pattern as the regular Calathea but have a deep violet-red striped pattern.

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