Plant Portraits: Photorealism by Edith Rewa Barrett

Edith Rewa Barrett is an Australian-based illustrator and textile designer with a passion for florals. She specializes in floral realism and designs incredibly realistic plant illustrations that almost look photographed. Her beautifully detailed portraits of plants and botanical creatures are translated into fabrics, scarves, and wall-prints for her brand “Edith Rewa“. Her latest botanical portrait series captures the identity of the flora that grows around the Blackheath region in southern Australia.

“It is through my personal work that I navigate my way into a place, through walking and observing, learning, listening and drawing. I find the practice of sitting with a specimen in its natural space for long hours lets all this seep in nicely. Daily bush walks quickly developed in me an affection for certain nooks of Blackheath, a place with quite a few distinctly different flora areas. A particularly special place to me was the clifftop shelf behind where I lived which was prolific – with heath top flora, scribbly gums, and one of my favorite views out onto Kanimbla Valley.” -Edith Rewa Barrett

Acacia terminalis in progress, By Edith Rewa

Botanical Silk Scarf, By Edith Rewa

Blackheath Portraits, By Edith Rewa

Firewheel, By Edith Rewa

Threatened flora of the Otways, by Edith Rewa

Blackheath Portraits, By Edith Rewa

Banksia Serrata, by Edith Rewa

Banksia Serrata in progress, by Edith Rewa

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