Ocotea House: A Renovation by In Situ Studio

The original Ocotea House in Raleigh, North Carolina was a well-loved, 1960’s, low-sloped ranch. A beautiful example of mid-century residential architecture. It’s condition, however, had become rancid. The home was therefore acquired by American-based architecture firm, In Situ Studio with the purpose of being restored.

The house underwent some major construction from a new carport on the right side that replaces the sunroom and extends the line of the roof, to a new front decks that introduces a floating, thin aesthetic to the formerly heavy front facade, a new kitchen and master suite, new stairs that connect the main spaces upstairs to a new, open family room in the basement, new utility systems, and completely new finishes inside and out. The blue brick exterior is what makes the house truly stand out and now fit into its mid-century neighborhood.

Photo’s by Keith Isaacs

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