Globe: Terrarium Lamp by Richard Clarkson

Globe” is an innovative terrarium, created by Brooklyn-based design studio, Richard Clarkson. The studio, founded in 2014 is know for their minimalistic style, use of honest materials, and simplistic sculptural design. The globe is a hand-blown glass ball, suspended by a nearly invisible wire rope that’s attached to the brass steel lid. The led light is powered by utilizing micro-wire technology developed for wearable electronics.

When planting your globe it’s best to use a layered system, Starting off with a few layers of small stones, pebbles or gravel. This will help with drainage and avoid root rot. Then add charcoal for water filtration. Add a decent amount of soil suitable to your desired plant. For instance, cacti and succulents like a different type of soil than moss and ferns. Once your base is ready, dig a small hole big enough for the roots of your plant, push the plant into the soil and begin to compress the soil around the plant to hold it in place. You can leave the soil exposed or cover the soil in sand, bark, pebbles or other decorative elements to your own taste. These extra elements make the Globe lamp a incredibly personal edition to every home.

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