Flow Lamp: A led Table Lamp by Normann Copenhagen

The Flow Lamp is a led table lamp designed by Hamburg-based design studio, Studio Kowalewski for the Scandinavian brand, Normann Copenhagen. Studio Kowalewski was founded by German designer, Andreas Kowalewski back in 2013. “I’m constantly searching for pure shapes and details, and for the perfection of objects that have been well designed. Meaningful objects with quality craftsmanship that speak to peoples imagination” -Andreas Kowalewski

Just like branches on a tree, all of the Flow lamp’s parts grow seamlessly into each other. The simple aluminum construction allows to easily assemble and disassemble the lamp as well as making the lamp very flexible. You can adjust the lamp to hang closer to the table as a reading light, but also put it in a more distant position as more as a mood light. The Lamp is available in three different colorways: White, Black and green, and is the perfect example of the simplistic yet very functional design Normann Copenhagen is famous for.

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